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Welcome To Mississauga Jackal

The Mississauga Jackal is being built now. This is an online newspaper designed to be a real source of news and editorials about Mississauga and Peel Region.

The Mississauga Jackal is brought to you buy Kevin Jackal Johnston, who ran in the 2014 Mississauga Municipal Election. Media was imbalanced and partisan during the election and was of no real help to Mississaugans in helping them decide who the right choice was for the Mayor's chair. The local media outlets were unwilling to give equal time to the candidates referred to as 'the fringe' as to do so wouldn't sell ad space!

We won't have that problem here. The news reported here will be uncensored, as we are not afraid of offending those who betray public trust.

Do you want to write for THE MISSISSAUGA JACKAL? Call Kevin Jackal Johnston right now at 289.997.6545!

You'll find the following on this website:

  • Local News
  • Local Events
  • Editorials
  • Restaurant and Entertainment Reviews
  • Business Listings
  • Money Tips
  • Legal Tips
  • Health And Wellness
  • Coupons and Vouchers